Stepping Up Our Investment in You

Every day, you put your heart into every patient you care for. You step it up, making UVA Health System one of the nation’s most respected health systems. Now it’s our turn to step it up — and pay you back!

We need your help to recruit other great registered nurses, advance practice nurses, physician assistants and laboratory professionals like you!

We’re stepping up our efforts to bring in the kind of team members who’ll support you and follow the example of excellence you’ve set. In particular, we’re searching for experienced registered nurses, advanced nurse practitioners, physician assistants and laboratory professionals. We’ll reward you handsomely for recruiting someone who’d be a great fit. After all, who knows our needs better than you?

We’ll send you a bonus for every successfully hired registered nurse, advanced nurse practitioner, physician assistant and laboratory professional you send our way.

How are referral incentives paid?

  • The incentive for a successful referral ranges from $800 to $2,500. Click here to review our current eligible positions and guidelines.
  • The incentive will be awarded only if the referred applicant is hired into a regular, full-time position.
  • Referral incentives must be taxed based upon the Internal Revenue Service’s requirements.

Have a registered nurse, advanced practice nurse, physical assistant or laboratory professional in mind? Use the referral form now.  And thanks for helping us make UVA Health System one of the nation’s best.

*Program varies by unit availability and is subject to change.